Terms and conditions

Bathroom Centre Stirling – Terms & Conditions (Supply of goods)

Your Order

1) Please take the time to read over your order checking that you fully understand all items/description and layout plan ensuring that the salesperson has fully understood your requirements.

2) We recommend that all bathroom merchandise be fitted by competent and qualified installers. If goods are not installed correctly then manufacture’s guarantees may become null and void. For bathrooms we fit, our fitters are competent, qualified and knowledgeable of the products we supply. For supply only bathrooms we are not liable for issues caused by incorrect or incomplete installation.

3) For complete bathroom installations, we will give a fitting date to suit at the time of booking and payment of deposit. Should the date become unsuitable please contact us at your earliest convenience. Occasionally due to unforeseen circumstances we may need to alter the fitting date but this will be discussed to find a mutually convenient date.

4) Our quotations are based on what we can see during the survey visit, any additional work that wasn’t visible and quoted for at the time, will incur additional charges as they are unearthed.

Payment for Complete Installations/Supply of Goods

5) At the time of order/booking an installation we require the material element of your bathroom to be paid directly to Bathroom Centre Stirling Ltd. Further details about payment can be found on our website www.bathroomcentrestirling.co.uk. A fitting date is then secured. Payment options are given on our website and include direct BACS transfer, card payment in the showroom, card payment over the phone, cash and a cheque. If a cheque is used we need adequate time to bank and clear funds before installation can commence (minimum 5 days). Once the payment has been made and the material goods are ordered the installation at this point is non refundable. Payment for the fitting of the bathroom is paid directly to the fitter upon completion of the installation.

6) Bathroom and tile merchandise remains the property of the Seller until full settlement of such is received from the Buyer.

7) For Supply only bathroom goods including tiles, all orders must be paid in full with cleared funds prior to arranging the collection of goods.

At Installation

8) Please inform us of any access issues and arrangements for keys etc as soon as possible prior to the fitting date.

9) We will contact you the week before the booked installation date to confirm the name of the fitter and provide their contact number.

10) In the event of any merchandise providing to be defective and requiring to be replaced, the Seller’s liability shall under no circumstances exceed the price of the merchandise. The Seller will replace the defective item as efficiently and quickly as possible.

11) Under certain circumstances the Seller will charge the Buyer for replacement goods until the defective goods are returned for inspection. If inspection proves a manufacture’s fault then a refund will be issued.

12) ) In the event of installation issues please contact Bathroom Centre Stirling in the first instance and we will speak to the fitter about rectifying the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

13) During installation, carpet in high traffic areas for bathroom access will be protected. There is no such protection for walls however we always take great care when in your home, when handling large heavy items upstairs and through hallways, minor damage, such as chips or scuffs, may occur. We cannot be held responsible for redecoration costs.

14) We will not be held liable for any flaws in pipework in any other part of the property (when the hot water/radiator system is depressurised and then repressurised). The boiler should be in good working order and we will not be liable for any boiler system fault during switching on and off once pipework is fitted in the bathroom. If a fault occurs it is the responsibility of the customer to call an engineer to the boiler.

Supply only Goods
15) For Supply only bathrooms we strongly recommend that you do not remove your existing goods until you have received all items from your order and inspected them, as the Seller will not be held responsible for non-use of existing facilities.

16) We further advise you not to confirm your installers start date until full receipt of checked goods, as we will not be held responsible for any losses resulting from delay caused by faulty/damaged goods.

17) Although we aim to be as accurate as possible when estimating delivery dates/lead times for goods, they are only estimates thus should be treated as such. They are based on previous experience and/or estimate given by our suppliers in good faith. Therefore the company will not be bound to supply the goods where there is a failure to supply the goods by the supplier. We will make every effort to honour delivery estimates but can accept no liability for damages resulting from overdue supplies.

18) We do not deliver supply only goods including tiles. It is the responsibility of the Buyer or their fitter to collect Supply only goods.

19) On collection of Supply only goods including tiles the Buyer should examine the merchandise for defects and completeness. Any claim for damage in transit, shortage in a delivery, or wrongly received must be notified by the Buyer to the Seller at collection/uplift. Thereafter any such claims will be at the discretion of the Seller.

20) Providing that the merchandise has been paid for in full, we shall store for them for a maximum period of 10 days without charge. We reserve the right to charge for longer periods of storage.

Returning/cancelling goods

21) Any merchandise wishing to be returned/cancelled by the Buyer will be accepted only at the discretion of the Seller, and will be subject to the following conditions:

a) Any specially ordered merchandise cannot be cancelled or returned for credit.

b) Merchandise returned to the Seller, which is able to be returned to the manufacture will be subject to the Manufacture’s return Policy i.e. 20-70% restocking charge of the Seller’s price to the Buyer. In certain circumstances a carriage charge may also be applicable.

c) Any stock requiring to be returned to the Seller will carry a handling charge of 20%.

d) All merchandise must be in their original boxes and condition.


22) Colours and sizes of tiles are subject to the usual variations expected in fired clay products. We advise that the tiles are examined and mixed before fixing to ensure harmony of tone. If any excessive shade variation is present this should be reported to the Seller before fixing commences.

a) If additional tiles are purchased at a later date we will endeavour to get the same shade/tone but cannot guarantee an exact match, and as such will not entertain any claims for losses that might arise.

23) We cannot guarantee tiles against crazing. This is a natural characteristic and is in no way detrimental to the life of the tile.

24) Claims with respect to Ceramic wall and floor tiles cannot be considered after tiles are fixed.

Ex-display goods

25) All ex-display merchandise is non-returnable, and should be fully examined as no claims can be made at a later date. All ex-display goods are for immediate uplift, as we cannot store them.

26) Any changes in V.A.T rates or conditions legally imposed as to the charging of V.A.T on any applicable sale must be complied with and the appropriate adjustments made.

27) We guarantee our workmanship (labour) for 12 months. This only applies to the bathroom and new pipework within the bathroom. Any fault which occurs after this timeframe will be chargeable.

28) Product warranties are covered by each individual manufacturer and vary depending on the item. Manufacturers have the final say on all product warranties. All manufacturers advice against the use of abrasive, bleach based cleaning systems which will cause damage long term to bathroom products and will invalidate the manufacturers warranty on goods. Silicone can also be damaged by aggressive cleaning products and is not covered by any warranty. Manufacturers suggest the use of soapy water for cleaning purposes. Details of all product warranties within your quotation can be provided upon request.

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